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The main Algavi activity is the manufacturing of calcified seaweed: Lithothamnion.

Lithothamnion or Lithothamnion calcareum Sp is a calciferous seaweed extracted 10 to 20 meters below sea level, on seabeds of Finistère. This algae concentrates the seawater minerals. It also contains a great quantity of trace elements that are essential for the neutralization and mineralisation of drinking water and for the animal and vegetable metabolisms.

The name "Maerl" means in Breton language a mixture of sand, crushed shells and Lithothamnion, naturally laying on seabeds.

With its unique native porous honeycomb structure and its composition (more than 30 trace-elements), this natural resource receives particular attention not only in its manufacturing process and its uses, but also in the management of its sustainable collecting.

microporosité du lithothamne

algavi, bigbag de produits à base de lithothamne