Water, Environment, Industry and Agriculture

Waste waters

For over several years, Algavi has been successfully carrying out treatments with Algostart in wastewater treatment lagoons and in biological plants using activated sludge process.

We intervene on different lagoon systems (residual urban waters, industrial waters, milked water, sewage from stalls…), in order to answer to a multiplicity of problems:

- degradation and reducing of sludge volume
- reduction of olfactive harmful effects
- resowing after mechanical clearing out
- sanitation and clearing of basins
- treatment of rising sludge
- inhibition of filamentous bacteria development
- treatment of organic overload


Algafloc is the mineral additive developed for the settling of SPM (Suspended Particulate Matter) and for water clarification. It allows the precipitation of phosphorus and meaningful increase of dryness of sludge. It prevents from 'builking' effects.