Water, Environment, Industry and Agriculture

Water treatment

Manufacturer of Algo for the Neutralization-Mineralization of drinking water (Neutralite®), Algavi developed a strong competence in water treatment sector. These knowledge and background associated with the permanent will to research and to develop, lead the company to elaborate natural specific treatments.

In partnership with its customers, main actors of the water treatment, and with services of the concerned State, Algavi developed treatments answering to the problems related to water and its use:

- Biological wastewater treatments
- Treatment of sludge of wastewater treatment plant
- Treatment of aquatic environment for swimming
- Discharges of hydrocarbons or pesticides
- Neutralization of pollution with acids, oils and petrol
- Treatment of manure and agricultural effluents

Today Algavi treats urban and industrial wastewater treatment plants, lakes and ponds, in France and in Europe, with technicality, quality and effectiveness.