Water, Environment, Industry and Agriculture

Water: natural environments

Upstream the drinking water treatment, Algavi intervenes on aquatic environments to ensure a high degree of resource quality.

For municipalities and territorial organisations, Algavi undertakes the design, the setting up and the follow-up of biological treatments which provide efficient and sustainable answers to plural problems: 

  • - Sanitation of waters, reduction of sludge
  • - Treatment of aquatic environment for swimming
  • - Restoration of degraded environments
  • - Neutralization of pesticides pollution
  • - Treatment of algae growth
  • While fighting against the eutrophication and human pollution of water, Algolac takes an active part in the maintenance of a good ecological state of the water masses according to the European Water Framework Directive (WFD).
  • By its natural action, Algolac contributes to restore the balance of ecosystems.