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Drinking water

Restoration of calcium-carbonic balance of waters:

Raw waters from drilling tend to be naturally aggressive (acid). Therefore, they have to be submitted to neutralization which is generally done by the filtration through Algo® called ‘Neutralite®, usual name for Maerl from Glenan Islands, used for the treatment of drinking water.


Algo® is not a chemical injected reagent (as soda, lime milk) but a Lithothamnion filter support which is solubilised by the aggressive dissolved CO2, during neutralization; the neutralizing power of Maerl is truly very strong. Furthermore, this process is the only one which can re-mineralize waters: the minerals from Maerl are dissolved during percolation of water, and therefore they mineralize it. This technique, developed at the early 80’s, is today  the more efficient at sanitary, environmental and economical levels. 


These treatment facilities are simple process resulting only on reduced costs for establishing practical units. These filters are generally located near raw water collecting plants and near consumers, reducing the staying time of water in drains. This drinking water production system enables the exploitation of numerous small collecting plants and hence the utilization of diversified resources.


Thanks to the use of  Algo®, this exploitation of multiple hydrous resources becomes essential during dryness, to reduce the effect of the rain deficiencies.